Lida Daidaihua Strong Version 10 Boxes

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Lida Daidaihua Strong Version 10 Boxes. Many users love this Lida Daidaihua Strong Version, as it works really wonderful, no side effects, no preservatives and hormones, etc. I bet you will never regret if you choose this product to help weight loss. Being one of the best sellers among all our products, this strong version can give you quicker results than the ordinary version. Also, it is packed with bottle, which aims at saving space and during the process of delivery. Just give it a shot!

Bitter Orange Extracts, India Lutes, Cassia Seed, L-Carnitine, Alisma Orientalis

Specification: 30 Soft Gel/Bottle, Laser Mark with LD
Lida Daidaihua Usage&Dosage: One capsule per day, half hour before or after breakfast, drink a lot water and take more fruits if possible, don't skip meals and far away from alcohol, tea, coffee etc
Precaution: Not for Children, pregnant woman and patients of cordis-vasal disease, apoplexy etc

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